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Qualities Of A Good Cooperate Websites


The quality of your Cooperate Website will surely play an important role in the development of your business. A well designed website can take your business to new unmatchable heights in no time.

There are various factors that we keep in mind while designing a Cooperate websites listed below :-

  •   A company Website shall be such that once’s business name and logo shall be predominantly visible to the visitors.


  •  A Cooperate Website shall have different pages like : “ About US  “ , “ Blog “ , “ Portfolio “ , “ Frequently Asked Questions “ , “ Articles “ and  “ Contact US “ with a healthy description such that it shall convey even the slightest information about the firm but being relevant at the same time.


  •  It is crucial to add an e-mail mailing list, which is basically a form with the Name and E-mail fields. The visitor can type his contact information and thus subscribe to get the latest news and offers from you via e-mail. Remember : There are people who don’t come back to your website. That’s why it is important to send them regular updates and tips to keep them engaged.
  •  There shall be a frequent update of contents on your website , so that visitors have a reason to come back to your website.


  •  It is important to monitor the traffic on the company’s website by using “ Google Analitics “ . This will help you to know how many people visited your website and where they redirected them-self to . Secondly using “ Google Webmaster “ which notifies you of any problems with your site is also a good idea .


  •  Last but not the least , the company ‘s website shall be “ Search Engine Optimization “ enabled as it will improve your website’s standing in google search . Usually people only go ahead to visit those websites which appears in first page of Google Search.



  • We at Design Firm make sure not to keep any point untouched when it comes to designing of Websites.

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